What Is A House And Land Package

House and land packages are emerging as one of the most affordable means by which to purchase a brand new home. These packages are offered primarily by some of Australia’s most reputable home building companies and provide buyers with the flexibility to either choose a completed house on a generous block of land, or commission the construction of a somewhat more customised home on a block of their choice. The budget of a buyer will typically have some bearing on which of these options is chosen, however it is undeniable that house and land packages are amongst the best value home buying options.

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How To Make Use Of A Multi Functional Room

When building a traditional home on the Gold Coast, most would opt for a standard floor plan, defined by separate rooms and living zones. Where this model becomes unstuck is when non-traditional families soon realise that such a layout is not exactly compatible with how they choose to live their lives. Instead of defining a home into compartments, there is a big trend towards re-designing the layout of a new home by considering how to best use the space available; the total space available.

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Energy-Efficient Home Designs

Dixon Homes knows all about building energy-efficient houses on the Gold Coast. In fact the design team understands the importance of investing in energy efficiency and take time when planning a new design so that all aspects are covered on your behalf. Saving money does not just come with your choice of quality appliances, hot water systems and lighting. It takes into account the materials used in building, the orientation of a home on land and the floor plan itself. Believe it or not, a sustainable home design will save you plenty of money over the long-term as well as ensuring you play your part in reducing the impact on our environment. Take a look at how building on the Gold Coast and energy efficiency go hand in hand with Dixon Homes.

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The Gold Coast’s Hot Suburbs Ripe For New Homes

The Gold Coast, located on Australia’s east coast, is literally a surfer’s paradise and home to young families, wealthy entrepreneurs and retirees who live in and amongst the hottest suburbs in the country. There are over 50 suburbs on the Gold Coast, and to accommodate the growing number of people who move to the area each year, new developments and towns are being created. There is so much to love, so much to enjoy and plenty of opportunities awaiting those who call this coastal area of Queensland home.

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New Home Prices On The Gold Coast – Taking Advantage Of The Sun, Surf and Sensational Views

How much does a dream new home on the Gold Coast cost? When you partner with Dixon Homes, and receive more for less, you’ll soon realise that new home prices on the Gold Coast are affordable, no matter your budget. With over 52 kilometres of beautiful beaches plus lush hinterland surroundings, wherever you live on the Gold Coast, you can enjoy natural beauty and a relaxed lifestyle. And if you are fortunate enough to own land here, building a dream home for your future is easier than you may think.

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The Gold Coast Property Market Is Ripe For Investors

The Gold Coast property market is making all the right moves, and the latest infrastructure developments, coupled with the upcoming Commonwealth Games, is seeing demand for property starting to drive prices up. This opens up great opportunities for those who own a property on the Gold Coast plus those considering investing there. Lets uncover why the Gold Coast is loved by so many, and find out what opportunities await you.

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Looking for a golden opportunity? Build your New Home on the Gold Coast

If you’re looking to build a new home in a place that has spectacular beaches, excellent services, fabulous restaurants and nightlife, first-rate schools and family services and just an all-round awesome lifestyle, it’s hard to look past the Gold Coast. It’s bustling, it’s lively but it’s also beautiful and serene. Let’s take a closer look at the Gold Coast and whether or not this could be the perfect place for you to build a new home.

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How to Benefit from Nooks and Alcoves in Your Home Design

Many homes have unused corners or spaces that are difficult to furnish. They may seem too small or too awkwardly shaped to serve any real purpose, but you can see the space has serious potential. Never fear, these spaces can be used in a variety of ways and with a little bit of decorating can become an attractive alcove or nook for studying, sitting or storing items in your home. Here are five common areas where space is available, but often not used to it’s full potential.  Continue reading

Choosing a Single Storey or Double Storey Home

You may have guessed that when you build a new home you have a lot of choices. One of them is to decide between a single or double storey design. There are benefits for each, and depending on a variety of factors, including your lifestyle, block of land and design preferences, reasons to pursue both options, and a number of misconceptions about the two options.

The pros and cons of each are detailed below to help make the decision of which is the better option easier. Which makes more sense for you can only be based on your individual circumstances.  Continue reading