What Is A House And Land Package

House and land packages are emerging as one of the most affordable means by which to purchase a brand new home. These packages are offered primarily by some of Australia’s most reputable home building companies and provide buyers with the flexibility to either choose a completed house on a generous block of land, or commission the construction of a somewhat more customised home on a block of their choice. The budget of a buyer will typically have some bearing on which of these options is chosen, however it is undeniable that house and land packages are amongst the best value home buying options.

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Energy-Efficient Home Designs

Dixon Homes knows all about building energy-efficient houses on the Gold Coast. In fact the design team understands the importance of investing in energy efficiency and take time when planning a new design so that all aspects are covered on your behalf. Saving money does not just come with your choice of quality appliances, hot water systems and lighting. It takes into account the materials used in building, the orientation of a home on land and the floor plan itself. Believe it or not, a sustainable home design will save you plenty of money over the long-term as well as ensuring you play your part in reducing the impact on our environment. Take a look at how building on the Gold Coast and energy efficiency go hand in hand with Dixon Homes.

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3 Ways to future proof your home

In real estate and property circles we hear a lot about protecting your investment and buying property that is ‘future proofed’. But what exactly does this mean? And more importantly what are some of the ways that this can be achieved?

We cater to first home buyers as well as property investors here at Dixon Homes and throughout our consultation process we always explain ways to help you home remain a strong investment now and into the future. We explain how some ways to future proof your new home to help it stand the test of time, and take advantage of technological developments. Continue reading

Designing homes for difficult blocks

With more than 2000 energy efficient home designs on offer here at Dixon Homes, we know a think about creating designs to work well with not so average block of land. Whether it’s an odd shape, or challenging terrain, while there may be some restrictions, you still have options, and this is where the right home design is very important. Here on the Gold Coast we’ve built on sloped blocks, narrow blocks and even corner lots. We share some options for building on ‘difficult’ blocks in this post. Continue reading