Looking for a golden opportunity? Build your New Home on the Gold Coast

If you’re looking to build a new home in a place that has spectacular beaches, excellent services, fabulous restaurants and nightlife, first-rate schools and family services and just an all-round awesome lifestyle, it’s hard to look past the Gold Coast. It’s bustling, it’s lively but it’s also beautiful and serene. Let’s take a closer look at the Gold Coast and whether or not this could be the perfect place for you to build a new home.

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How to Benefit from Nooks and Alcoves in Your Home Design

Many homes have unused corners or spaces that are difficult to furnish. They may seem too small or too awkwardly shaped to serve any real purpose, but you can see the space has serious potential. Never fear, these spaces can be used in a variety of ways and with a little bit of decorating can become an attractive alcove or nook for studying, sitting or storing items in your home. Here are five common areas where space is available, but often not used to it’s full potential.  Continue reading

Living Areas – The Heart of any Home

As the area of the home you’ll spend all your relaxing and down time in, the design of your living room and living areas should always be considered with the lifestyle of you and your family in mind. Before choosing a home design we encourage all our customers to consider their lifestyle, the age of children and how they like to live. We share some considerations worth making in our latest post. Continue reading

Designing homes for difficult blocks

With more than 2000 energy efficient home designs on offer here at Dixon Homes, we know a think about creating designs to work well with not so average block of land. Whether it’s an odd shape, or challenging terrain, while there may be some restrictions, you still have options, and this is where the right home design is very important. Here on the Gold Coast we’ve built on sloped blocks, narrow blocks and even corner lots. We share some options for building on ‘difficult’ blocks in this post. Continue reading