Choosing a Single Storey or Double Storey Home

You may have guessed that when you build a new home you have a lot of choices. One of them is to decide between a single or double storey design. There are benefits for each, and depending on a variety of factors, including your lifestyle, block of land and design preferences, reasons to pursue both options, and a number of misconceptions about the two options.

The pros and cons of each are detailed below to help make the decision of which is the better option easier. Which makes more sense for you can only be based on your individual circumstances. 

Advantages of Single Storey Homes

– Cheaper to build than double storey designs

– May be more suited to household with elderly residents or families with young kids

– Greater number of design choices and more flexibility in where rooms can be located

– Can be easier to heat and cool, and offer greater privacy with bedrooms able to be separated in their own wing, compared to double storey designs that are usually more compact.

Disadvantages of Single Storey Homes

– Large designs have extra roofing and concrete slab construction costs.

– May take up more space on small and narrow blocks, leaving less backyard or room for some driveway.

– Do not allow elevated views and balconies.

Advantages of Double Storey Homes

 – Only around 20 percent more to build, despite the myth that they are twice as expensive. This depends on the block of land. If the block is sloped a split level design will be an great option to use space, however there are associated site costs with this.

– Can have a higher perceived value and additional street appeal

– Allow self contained living areas for parents and children on each level.

– Allow extra space in the backyard and storage under the staircase can be used and even made a half bathroom with toilet and handbasin.

– Well suited to sloped blocks

Disadvantages of Double Storey Homes

– More difficult to heat and cool and expensive.

– Noise can travel between floors which is important for bedroom\

– Traffic flow can be reduced along with ease of moving items between areas of the home

Which is a better investment?

There is no straight answer. It depends where they are built. In established suburbs in streets where many other double storey homes are found they are usually preferred, especially when both neighbouring homes are double storey views. For some buyers, single storey will be more affordbale, and practical. Many buyers are open to each if the price is right, and a double storey home doesn’t necessarily mean a bigger home or a higher value investment.

Dixon Homes Gold Coast offer a number of award winning single and double storey home designs constructed by one of the nations most well know building companies. For more advice on choosing which is the best for your lifestyle, budget and land call us today on 1300 10 10 10.