Designing homes for difficult blocks

With more than 2000 energy efficient home designs on offer here at Dixon Homes, we know a think about creating designs to work well with not so average block of land. Whether it’s an odd shape, or challenging terrain, while there may be some restrictions, you still have options, and this is where the right home design is very important. Here on the Gold Coast we’ve built on sloped blocks, narrow blocks and even corner lots. We share some options for building on ‘difficult’ blocks in this post.

Building on Sloped Blocks

Don’t discount the sloped block. These can be some of the more interesting homes in the neighbourhood with the more interesting houses. Depending on which way the block sloped you can take advantage of multi-level living. For houses which slope upwards less living space can be on the ground level including garages and utility rooms. Blocks sloping downwards from the roadside can have the main living areas on the top floor and incorporate a rumpus room or outdoor entertaining area towards the back of the house.

Site Works on Sloped Blocks

With sloped blocks there may be some extra site works necessary to accommodate your house plan including building retaining walls and excavation and/or levelling of terrain. However when building on sloped blocks, it’s always better (and cheaper) to work with the land rather than against the land as much as possible. Sloped blocks are often substantially less money than flat blocks and have the added value of views, but will cost more to build on.

Building on Small and Narrow Blocks

Good design that makes the best use of space is extremely important with small and narrow blocks. With narrow blocks building upwards instead of outwards can ensure you have the space you desire, but smaller more well designed homes could be enough space for smaller families, couples, those looking to downsize and people who understand that smaller sized homes can be more affordable and still make fantastic investments.

We have many options to suit all shapes and sizes when it comes to your land. Just talk to the Dixon Homes Gold Coast team today on 1300 10 10 10 to find a design to work well with all types of lots.