Energy-Efficient Home Designs

Dixon Homes knows all about building energy-efficient houses on the Gold Coast. In fact the design team understands the importance of investing in energy efficiency and take time when planning a new design so that all aspects are covered on your behalf. Saving money does not just come with your choice of quality appliances, hot water systems and lighting. It takes into account the materials used in building, the orientation of a home on land and the floor plan itself. Believe it or not, a sustainable home design will save you plenty of money over the long-term as well as ensuring you play your part in reducing the impact on our environment. Take a look at how building on the Gold Coast and energy efficiency go hand in hand with Dixon Homes.

The position of the home on your land

When partnering with Dixon Homes to build your new home on land you already own on the Gold Coast, it’s important to know that the position of a house is not taken lightly. In fact there are many energy-efficient or passive design features that can play a large part in ensuring your home is as comfortable as possible, all year round.

The living areas of a home are typically located facing a northerly direction. This allows winter sun to help warm a home naturally, and ensures that bedrooms are towards the southern end of a property. A home is also positioned on a block in a way that best takes advantage of the breeze and natural light.

Provide shading to the home

Other than the orientation of the house, the garden design and many of the energy-efficient features built into the design itself, there are a couple of other aspects that can be considered that ultimately provide additional shade to a home. The inclusion of wider eaves and a verandah may not necessarily be part of your original house plans; however, their inclusion can help keep a Gold Coast home so much cooler. Even window awnings are worth looking into. Shading out the hot afternoon sun and putting less stress on cooling units is one easy way to ensure comfortable living.

Whilst shading is an effective way to keep your house cool in summer, it needs to be incorporated into the design of a home well, so that it does not inadvertently block out winter sun. It’s a fine line that the Dixon team manages perfectly.

Insulation in ceilings and walls

It goes without saying that insulation is key to ensuring a home remains warm in winter and cool in summer. Insulation works to reduce the amount of heat that enters or leaves your home whether it is through the walls, ceiling or floors.

Dixon Homes ensures that when building on the Gold Coast, all houses are built with quality in mind and with efficiency as a given. Gaps are sealed to ensure that the warmth inside your home during the winter months remains and, overall, the need to rely on heating and cooling appliances is minimised where possible.

Insulation also extends to windows. Heat is readily gained and lost through windows so depending on where your house is positioned on the Gold Coast, attention should be given to the possibility of double glazing your windows too.

Opting for the most appropriate size of windows as well as the right glazing material will significantly improve the comfort and efficiency of your home.

Energy-efficient appliances and fittings

In addition to the way in which a home is designed and built, there are many items you can install that can make it even more energy-efficient. Dixon Homes can advise you on a number of areas should you have questions.

It’s worth paying attention to your choice of hot water system and to investigate the benefits that solar heating can offer you. Of course there are also rainwater tanks that allow for an incredible savings on water usage. Energy-efficient appliances including ovens, cooktops and washing machines are also critical. Even small incidentals such as your choice of showerhead, toilet and taps make a big difference in the long run. Let’s not forget lighting. Not only will a Dixon Homes new house be designed to allow for the most natural light possible whilst incorporating shading to protect the home from the summer heat, but any internal lighting, including downlights, will also play its part in keeping costs to a minimum.

Saving money at home

There are always additional steps you can take to help the environment: everything from recycling, to turning off appliances at the wall and reducing your water usage. Every little bit counts and, most importantly, it will save you money.

Energy-efficient homes exclusive to Dixon Homes are all designed to deliver maximum comfort to home owners. All new home designs play their role in making the most of natural heating, cooling and lighting. Working to improve ventilation and incorporating efficient design principles as well as building materials that work together to drastically reduce the need for appliances to be used are just some of the ways in which Dixon Homes can help you to save money.

Dixon Homes builds homes that not only offer you quality today, but quality in the future. Each one of the exclusive 2000 new home designs cost no more to build than a conventional home because as Australia’s largest builder, the 50-year-old business has the buying power that saves you money.

For a home to be energy-efficient it must include all the right elements of design, a floor plan that works to not only be functional but efficient and use of materials that are designed to save money. To find out how you can build your dream home on the Gold Coast, have a chat to Dixon Homes today. Building on the Gold Coast, whether it be on your own land, buying off the plan or a house and land package, is sure to make your future bright. Enjoy the lifestyle opportunities at your door and know that your home is energy-efficient, which is not only saving you money each and every day, but also helping to save the environment too.

Contact Dixon Homes Gold Coast today to make your dream a reality.