Construction Lingo: Glossary of Terms Used in the Building Industry (Part 1)

Here at Dixon Homes Gold Coast our team of local builders always strive to speak your language. Constant communication through every step of the building process is something that we pride ourselves during each and every build. There are however many words that our customers may not be familiar with, and in our latest article we detail some of the commonly used terminology in the construction industry.

Access Door – A door that provides entry to a concealed space such as a roof cavity

Alfresco – A covered outdoor entertaining and dining area

BA – Stands for Building approval. This is the permit issued by the local council detailing the terms and conditions of the building project.

Bracing – A method of strengthening the frame of the building projects, either through more robust materials or reinforcement. Used especially in high wind areas

Cladding – The process of applying one external material over another for aesthetic or waterproofing purposes.

Contour Survey – A inspection that determines the gradient of the block of land, displayed as a series of contour lines at differing levels.

Contract – The formal agreement between the client and the builder including each parties responsibilities and obligations

Downpipe – An essential pipe that is typically exposed that diverts water from roof guttering to the underground stormwater pipe

Eaves – The material underneath the overhanging part of a roof.

Fixing Stage – One of the final building stages where all the internal fittings in the home are installed.

Gable Roof – A triangular shaped roof that is often used at the front of the home as a feature.

HSTP – Stands for Household Sewerage Treatment Plant. A home sewer holding tank complete with plumbing for use in typically rural properties that are not connected to the town’s main sewerage system.

Laminate – A plastic resin strengthened covering for benches and cupboards in a variety of finishes and colours.

This is only just the beginning, stay tuned to our latest from Gold Coast Page for more industry terminology from the team of new home builders on the Gold Coast coming your way soon. In the meantime to speak all things home building, call our friendly consultants on 1300 10 10 10 who are standing by to take your call today.