How to Benefit from Nooks and Alcoves in Your Home Design

Many homes have unused corners or spaces that are difficult to furnish. They may seem too small or too awkwardly shaped to serve any real purpose, but you can see the space has serious potential. Never fear, these spaces can be used in a variety of ways and with a little bit of decorating can become an attractive alcove or nook for studying, sitting or storing items in your home. Here are five common areas where space is available, but often not used to it’s full potential. 

1. Foyers or Entrance Hallway Alcoves

Instead of shoes, coats and umbrellas your entrance hall and foyer can be a purposeful area for phones, keys, wallets, letters, with a slim console table. To open up the space hang a mirror above the table helping to bring more light into what can typically be a darker area.

2. Study Nooks

Many new home designs incorporate study nooks as part of the floor plan. Because of wireless connectivity and preferences towards laptops and sleeker computers, people can work from anywhere in the home and a dedicated study room is often not required.. A small inset built into a floor plan can accommodate a desk attached to either wall and shelving mounted above can keep books, photo frames and other personal items. It’s goes to show how easy it is to have a home office in a living room or communal area that takes up little and blends with the rest of the room!

3. Install a Laundry Cupboard

Instead of a dedicated laundry room that can take up valuable space in the floor plan and add additional building costs, a laundry cupboard featuring a washer, wall mounted dryer and sink can in built within an existing room. Garages, bathrooms or areas adjacent to a kitchen are all popular places to include a laundry nook, making sure no corner of a room is wasted. Just make sure you plan for the plumbing. After all how much space do you really need to throw your clothes into a washing machine?

4. Reading Nooks

An armchair and a window is all that’s needed to change an alcove, inset or unused corner into a dedicated reading area, made even better when there are windows close by giving plenty of light. Large bay windows offer the potential to build a bench below the window which can be ideal for reading, and the space underneath the window seat can be perfect to store blankets, linen or other items.

5. The Area Under the Staircase

Despite 11-year-old Harry Potter being forced to used it as his room, under the stairs may not be big enough to sleep comfortably but it can be made into a powder room complete with a toilet and basin.  If you’d like to keep it open it’s also the perfect area for a small desk as a place to study, or for storage.  For those wanting to maximise every spare square foot of space, the area under the staircase should always be used.

Dixon Homes Gold Coast have won several awards for the design of our new homes, which use the best use of space. Often our spacious designs means there are plenty of corners and nooks to be converted into some of the above ideas. To talk more about incorporating purposeful nooks into the floor-plan of your new home, don’t hesitate to give us a call today on 1300 10 10 10.