3 Ways to future proof your home

In real estate and property circles we hear a lot about protecting your investment and buying property that is ‘future proofed’. But what exactly does this mean? And more importantly what are some of the ways that this can be achieved?

We cater to first home buyers as well as property investors here at Dixon Homes and throughout our consultation process we always explain ways to help you home remain a strong investment now and into the future. We explain how some ways to future proof your new home to help it stand the test of time, and take advantage of technological developments.

1.     Plan for Future Technology

People always wish they put more pre wiring for data and video in their homes from the beginning. As homes become more technologically advanced with automated lighting, ventilation and security, a home’s wiring becomes more complex so the need for prewiring to plan for features now and into the future is a smart idea. It’s always going to be easier and less expensive to add these pre-wiring and data needs at the building stage than add them later.

2.     Think Energy Efficiency

Power bills are only going to continue to rise, so this means making your home green with energy efficient features throughout the home. These will reduce the ongoing running costs of your home, and make it a more attractive option for future buyers. It’s also worth buying in a central area where there are good public transport connections to reduce petrol costs and relying always on your car. Installing solar can be one of the best ways to future proof your home from an energy efficiency standpoint. Water saving plumbing devices, LED lights and double glazed windows are all ways to reduce the operating costs of your household.

3.     Consider Changing Needs

Homes with multi-function, versatile spaces that have the flexibility to be used in a number of different ways will continue to be popular, especially with an ageing population. This means designing with accessibility and safety in mind –especially in bathrooms. Homes that have flexible living spaces that can accommodate changes in lifestyles and meet demands of residents across different generations will remain popular.

Our Dixon Homes Gold Coast team are more than happy to share some other ways we can design your home with the future in mind so your new home built by our team will represent a fantastic investment now and into the future. To find out more about designing your dream home with Dixon Homes, call our friendly team of consultants on 1300 10 10 10 today.