How to Make the Most of a Spare Room

One of the biggest must haves for our customers at Dixon Homes when choosing a floor plan is having a spare room. So many people however, for many reasons find that their spare guest room ends up being under utilised. In fact, knowing what to do with that extra room in the house is something of a challenge for many households.

To avoid your spare room eventually being used to store all random manner of items, and excess belongings, we share some ideas for making the most of a spare room, and explain how to best plan for the use of space right from the building stage.

Possible Uses for Spare Rooms

– As a home office

– As a spare bedroom

– As a home gym

– Media room

– Sitting Room/Library

Consider Dual Purpose Spare Rooms

Ideally the spare room will be the one that is closest to the main living areas of the home. This allows it to feel connected to the rest of the household and will leave the remaining bedrooms in sleeping quarters at either end of the home. Spare rooms however do not have to be just used for one purpose only. For a spare room to be well utilised, it will have two purposes.

Home Office/Spare Bedroom

Since many work from home nowadays, it may look like a study or office most of the time, and only need to be a spare bedroom when visitors are in town. Careful placement of the desk, and a fold out sofa can achieve this dual function room.

Sitting Room and Media Room

The spare room is perfect for a secondary living room, perhaps as a sitting room to curl up with a book, or to watch that new flat screen TV. Walls featuring bookshelves and crammed with paperbacks can make it also serve as a library. If you are short on space, the sofas can also double as a sleeping space, as mentioned above. That’s three potential uses for just one room!

For those that would rather hide the hi-fi equipment or bookshelves out of sight, the wardrobe in the spare room is an overlooked area where stereos, televisions and even books can be stored. Just slide back the doors when your ready the watch that DVD, and close the doors when you’re done!

For homes with limited space, making better use of the spare room or home office can be the secret to a happier household better using the space available. Since Dixon Homes understand that not every block of land has the available square footage for a large home, we have a number of smart floor plans available that use each square foot of area wisely. To speak to us about our home designs, and building with us, contact our team here on the Gold Coast on 1300 10 10 10 today.