How To Make Use Of A Multi Functional Room

When building a traditional home on the Gold Coast, most would opt for a standard floor plan, defined by separate rooms and living zones. Where this model becomes unstuck is when non-traditional families soon realise that such a layout is not exactly compatible with how they choose to live their lives. Instead of defining a home into compartments, there is a big trend towards re-designing the layout of a new home by considering how to best use the space available; the total space available.

Instead of thinking about defining your rooms with walls, consider how open plan living and multi-functional rooms might work for you. It could be the solution you are seeking to allow a spacious home to be built with a small budget. It could be the answer to building a dream home on an unusually shaped block of land.
Whatever the reason, consider incorporating multi functional rooms into your Gold Coast home. Here are a few tips on how to best make use of these modern zones.

Flexible and functional furniture

One of the key elements to consider when designing one of these on trend open plan homes is how to best furnish your larger spaces. Finding furniture that suits your tastes but is also flexible can be tricky. Not only should furniture be chosen for its multi-use factor, but also for its portability if it is to sit comfortably in a multi-function area. Items that can be moved from one area to another greatly help bring an open plan living home to life.

Spare bedroom or home office

Can a bedroom convert into a home office? Sure. Why not! The trick is to look for furniture that can fold away or be used for more than one purpose. Fold out or extendable tables are readily available in a wide range of finishes these days. It also pays to think outside the box; a small office drawer unit could be a handy side table, whilst a dressing table could double as desk space.
A day bed can be a place to sleep at night and an inviting lounge by day. Coupled with a window seat that can easily house blankets and other bedding, your spare room can very quickly convert into a home office or study nook.

Living or dining area

A living and dining zone is more commonly incorporated into new home designs these days, but to ensure the space is functional for both purposes the right décor is a must. Try an extendable table to go from a casual meals space to a formal dining table when needed. Sofas can become beds and chairs can easily be jazzed up with cushions to add a cosier feel. Lounge room ottomans can double as seating as well as storage and because they are movable, they can be used all over the home.

Make use of clever storage solutions

When a space is designed to work in more ways than one, there’s no room for clutter. There’s no spared space for things to be out of place, which is why a new home needs to be designed with ample storage in mind.
Depending on how a room is being used, it is important to make the area enjoyable and not a hybrid of what it was. One of the areas often overlooked when storage solutions are being considered are the walls or under staircases. Going vertical is clever!

Give the illusion of space

When you are building a small home and using open plan living to make the most of the area available, mirrors can be a handy design inclusion. Placed strategically, mirrors give the illusion of a window or an extension of the room, making it look larger and adding light.
It is also a good time to point out that when designing multi-functional rooms, that all areas need to remain as clutter free as possible. Sometimes this can be achieved by lifting items off the floor and giving the illusion that there is in fact more space. Hang television units on the wall instead of on low-lying benches, or use floating shelving as opposed to a standard bookcase. There are lots of tricks to apply, all you need to do is ask the experts!

Altering your new home floor plan

When you partner with Dixon Homes to build your Gold Coast house, you’ll soon realise that not only are there over 2000 exclusive designs to choose from but also hundreds of variations on offer. And then of course there are the floor plans. Altering a floor plan to best suit your needs and create more open plan living areas is possible and easier than you think.
Open plan living, dining and kitchen zones are popular amongst many of the new home designs. But don’t let your space designs end there. Further extend your home by adding an outdoor room or patio. Remove a wall that separates a master bedroom and a bathroom and design an ensuite. The options are almost endless and that is where it is wise to chat to the Dixon Homes design team. With over 50 years’ experience in building new homes, they have countless ideas and solutions that will allow you to create the spacious home you dream to have.
When building a new home, make sure it reflects exactly how you want to live your life. If the idea of a formal living room and separate family area is not your style, seek out open floor plans that work for you. Design your new home with a living area, dining space and kitchen that all work together seamlessly in one large space. Extend the colour schemes throughout your big zones and bring new trends and accents into the area with décor. Allow furniture to define your zones but also allow it to work in more ways than one.
To find out how you can design a home with lots of space, chat to Dixon Homes. Building on the Gold Coast with Dixon Homes is easy, seamless and, most of all, will ensure you achieve a quality home filled with energy efficient features and all backed by a warranty that is sure to impress.

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