Open Plan Homes – The Ultimate in Flexible Living

There are more than just a few reasons why open plan living continues to be the benchmark when building new homes. An open plan home allows a flowing floor plan and flexible use of space. It also brings a more connected household and more light.

With more than 1600 unique floor plans, most of them comprising open plan living elements, our builders here on the Gold Coast find that open plan homes really do suit all lifestyles. Here’s why:

Greater Sense of Space

Fewer walls in the heart of the home, including kitchen, dining and living areas enables an open airy feel with a greater sense of space. Even if there were two homes with the same square footage, the home with an open plan design would feel far more spacious.

Sight Lines Allow a Connected Household

Open plan homes facilitate more interaction, and the sight lines between rooms, or zones of the an open floor plan. By contrast rooms that are separate and closed off can feel isolated and shut off. It’s good to have some ‘retreat spaces’ but spending time indoors in a floor plan with separate rooms will make you feel more confined and caged in than in an open plan design.

Flexibility with how you want to use the space

Open plan layouts give so much more flexibility to configure furniture, and lay out your home into different zones.  There are less constraints into how a large piece of floor can be used, whether for dancing, as a makeshift rumpus area for kids to play, or as another sitting area.

A larger greater area with fewer walls allows the space to be used in more ways, and allows for more flexible living. You can still supervise the kids while cooking dinner, and have the kitchen being the home’s anchor and heart of the house.

Dixon Homes Gold Coast have a wide range of open floor designs which also balance open plan living with privacy in bedroom areas and studies.

Because we have a floor plan to suit everyone, and so many to choose from, not to mention some of the best value new homes, it’s why so many choose to experience the Dixon difference. You can too by calling us today on 1300 10 10 10